My name is Sebastian Ferreira. I am an abstract/pop artist from Miami, FL based in Edgewater, NJ. My influences cover many different styles of art. Abstract expressionists like; Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Lester Johnson,  and Cy Twombly are among my favorite artists. Contemporary street art and graffiti are forever present in my work as well. Art has always been a form of therapy and escape for me. It has provided me with a creative outlet that led to painting and searching for my own voice and style.

Colors, textures, patterns, and subject matter all work together to incite a feeling. Those feelings may be good, bad, happy, or sad, but nonetheless they stir our emotions. It is that ability that I find powerful and beautiful. I am still on the journey to find myself in the vastness that is art and I welcome you to be a part of it.